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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Breaking Dawn, Bella And Edward's Wedding Cake!!

Here are the pics of the reception celebration for "Breaking Dawn." The cake table had a magical forest feeling to it with twinkling lights and some outdoor elements! We used a large mirror and a tree stump under the cake, circled it with the twinkle lights, some moss and flowers. Jenna added a   
                            chess board with some decorating elements from the Twilight books.
We hung the banners and turned down the lights and it really was pretty!
 I had to take pics through the glass because we put the table in a place so everyone could see it. The Twihards began arriving about 5:30 for the midnight show, but entertained themselves until
the movie began. Like I said before, I had never really gotten into the series, but the movie was really good! I am even looking forward to part 2, now that Bella is a vampire herself! I think the best part of the whole experience was hanging out with my daughter!! She did a beautiful job on the cake!

Jenna working on the cake!
A Happily Ever after banner....
Edward and Bella banner.....
Jenna set up a chess board with some decor elements from the Twilight books
We used a lot of outdoor elements for decorating. This is the chessboard with the apple, tulips, red ribbon and chess piece, elements from the Twilight book jackets.
We put the cake on top of a tree stump and surrounded it with lights, moss, tulips and apples.
The cake topper! The dress I put on Bella was nothing like her dress in the movie. They kept it a secret so I had to guess. Edward has glowy eyes and he sparkles!
It was a lot of work, but so much fun! I met a lot of awesome people and made a few contacts for my new business! Jenna got some cake making experience under her belt for the bakery she wishes to open someday! Thanks to Mary at Hometown Cinema in Terrell Texas for letting us participate!!

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