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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Handcrafted Jars, A little tutorial for party favors and some Valentine Banners!!

Wow, I cannot believe it is already the 15th of January! I am still putting Christmas away. It took me forever to set it out and it takes forever to put it back up. We had a good Christmas and I was more than ready to turn the page on the calendar to a New Year. Last year brought lots of unexpected "surprises" and let's just say, my daily prayer is for better times and much sweeter surprises!!

We have been busy in the shop and busy coming up with new ideas for pretty things and for photographing those pretty items as well!!
I love scanning through special event ideas both on the web and in magazines. One of the trends that I really like are the "candy bars" "popcorn bars" and "sweets tables" that are so popular lately.
I wanted to create some of those pretty jars for photo props and this is what I came up with!

I bought jars and candlestick bases at tag sales and thrift stores. These are painted up in Valentine colors, but can be made up in any color scheme! They are inexpensive, quick and easy to craft and will look so pretty sitting on one of those "special treat" tables or on your mantle or table at home!!

I made up a tutorial in a smaller version with some jars, paint, glue and wood candlesticks I purchased at Hobby Lobby. I am sure you can find the candy there as well, I had already bought some when I went grocery shopping. The eating healthier thing I vowed on January 1st,  kind of went out the window around January 2nd :(
These little creations will make perfect Valentine gifts for co-workers, teachers, Sunday school instructors, the list goes on!
The weather in Texas has been mild and this was a perfect day for an outside project:)

Here is what you will need:
Small jars
Wooden candlesticks
E-6000 Glue
Spray paint
Candy Candy Candy
Any embellishments that you want to add, buttons, ribbons, rhinestones are a few ideas.

Wash and dry the jars and lids. These jars have a cardboard liner in the lid, so I damp sponged them clean. If you are not an impatient person, unlike myself, you can prime the wooden candlestick, or you can just spray the heck out of it till it is covered:)
You will need at least 2 coats of spray paint allowing thorough drying time in between coats.
I did have patience during the drying time, I spent it sampling candy......

After you are satisfied with the paint coverage and drying time, squeeze a bead of E-6000 glue around the top of the candlestick, turn your jar upside down....

turn the candlestick upside down and plop it onto the middle of the bottom side of the jar. If the glue seeps out, don't worry, you can use an exacto knife later to scrape it off, or cover it by gluing some pearls or ribbon around it! You will need to let this dry a good twenty four hours. Just a tip, after a few hours, I turned it right side up, the jar had more weight to push against the candlestick ensuring the glue would adhere the two pieces together.

After it is all good and stuck, you can embellish or go ahead and fill it with whatever candy has not been eaten!!
Wouldn't these be great as favors at bridal or baby showers as well as those cute little gifts I mentioned earlier? Candy is not the only thing you could fill them with, do cupcake in a jar, or go a completely different direction and fill them with bath salts, again the possibilities are endless!!
I added a little bow and did one in pink and one in purple as well. You can add rhinestones or glitter to the lids or candlesticks, or jar. You can also tie ribbons, add some cute little tags with names or sayings. The possibilities go on and on, so have fun with it!! That is what crafting is all about!!!!

Speaking of fun!!
We have some cute new banners in the shop, check them out when you have a moment!!

Till next time....I heart you all!!!!

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